The manual juicer is the principle of squeezed juice. Although the juice rate is not high, it does not destroy the nutrition of fruits and vegetables, so that the juice and juice maintain absolute nutrition and flavor. The juice is very pure, and the newborn baby can be assured. drink. Electric unless you can achieve low speed, at least 120 rpm or less to ensure fresh juice. Next, I will introduce you to the manual juicer by the homepage Xiaobian, I hope to help you.

First, the characteristics of the hand juicer:

Although the speed of the hand juicer is slow, because the cleaning is relatively simple, the time is not more time-consuming than the electric one. For example, five apples are squeezed at a time, and the machine is cleaned after cleaning the apple to the juice, and the whole time will not exceed ten minutes. .

Almost all vegetables and fruits have residues of pesticides and heavy metals that eventually condense on the fibers, and the hand juicer removes these harmful residues. Because the specific gravity of pesticides and heavy metals is higher than that of water, the speed of the hand juicer does not substantially produce centrifugal force, so these residues are generally squeezed out of the fiber to separate from the juice.

The hand-cranked juicer is safe and durable. If there is a bump or something, it will not affect the use. The longer it is used, the better it will be. In addition, the hand juicer does not require much maintenance.

Second, the use of hand juicer:

The design of the hand juicer is relatively simple, and there is no high-tech content, which can better preserve the nutrition and deliciousness of vegetables. The high fiber and vegetable juice yield is the strength of the hand juicer, while the low fiber fruit and vegetable is its weakness.

Manual juicer use points

1 After the machine is installed, you can use the matching large whiteboard hand to tighten the direction of the indicator line (do not screw it) to increase the juice rate.

2 pressure cap (small cap), only used for the extraction of high fiber vegetables.

3 Find the juice and connect the juice cup to the correct position of the body to pick up the juice.

4 Before the release of fruits and vegetables, cut the vegetables and fruits into small pieces, and the dosage is half of the hopper. It is slowly placed, saving time and effort.

5 When pressing some thick high-fiber vegetables, the handle of the rocker encounters resistance. It should be shaken after the handle is released and then shaken. Do not force the handle to damage the machine.

6 When the juice is squeezed to the end, there will be a little pomace residue left in the shaft. You can turn the handle a few turns to achieve clean meat.

7 After the juice is finished, use a rag pad to remove the juice cup from the juice outlet to prevent the juice from leaking into the inside of the machine base.

8 infants drink juice recommended to use the filter on the juice cup, adults recommend drinking juice with pulp.