The correct use of the juicer

How to use the juicer frequently, how to use the juicer is safe, I think many of these friends think that you don't have to think too much. But in reality, the correct use of the juicer can not only extend the life of the juicer, but also be more energy-efficient and safer. Why not?

1. Check the position where the juicer is placed for tilt and any loose conditions, and replace the placement if present.

2. Check that the tool and filter are tight and secure, and confirm that the cup is securely installed.

3. Cut the food into pieces that fit the size of the juicer inlet.

4. Plug in the power and ensure the connection.

5. Start the machine and confirm that the motor is running normally.

6. Push the food into the cup body, keep it at a constant speed, and avoid excessively fast and excessive movements to avoid danger.

7. After the food is processed, unplug the power and pour out the processed food.

8. Carefully clean the various components inside and outside the juicer, but avoid water flow into the motor.

9. Place the juicer in a well-ventilated place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.