JINHUA DUOLVQI Hardware Products LCC is a professional manufacturer of household appliances in China. Our products are sold worldwide covering European region, USA, Asia and South America. We have well trained staffs both in sales and manufacturing. We have complete production system from mold or tooling making to production and final packaging. Our attractive product offers are aimed at high volume of sales as the product is designed for every household. We have engineering teams that are able to develop products according to your ideas and design.

We look forward to your cooperation in your region. Our sales team are ready and more than happy to assist to you needs.



Sincerely help customers create a better life

1. Willing to take on more responsibility.

2. Have great enthusiasm for work and keep pursuing excellence.

3. Dedicated to work.

4. Keep a positive and active attitude.

5. Put the company interest in the priority.

6. Set goals for work and strive to achieve them.

7. Focus on details and perfection.

8. Work hard through adhering to guidelines.

9. Have a sense of team spirit.

10. Honesty and committed.

11. Focus on individual image and maintain the company's reputation.


To achieve the company’s sustainable development and coexist and co-prosper with our partners of interest, our company, taking the humanity and dignity into account, has set the business philosophy below:

  • 1. Human-centered

    Exceptional teams are our most significant assets. Thus, we have been sincerely wishing more talents joining our company where we will create favorable salaries and benefits and a comfortable working environment for our staff to facilitate them to realize their own career and ambition, which can contribute to their success and having fun during the work. Be part of us and you can create your own career driven by the promising sector.

  • 2. Customer satisfaction

    A highly loyal group of customers is critical for our business success. We therefore, have adopted the total quality-guarantee system to produce products of finest quality and to satisfy customers’ needs. At the same time, we always put the complaints from customers in the first place to be addressed. Only having these clients can we achieved what we have made. It is their wishes and needs that direct us to where we are heading. Whereby, we will make every effort to provide our customers with the top quality products and the best services as well as supports. Any opinions and suggestions are welcome and we keep exchanging views with our customers, which will make us keep improving our values.

  • 3. Team spirit

    High flexibility of our internal organization and the elimination of hierarchy can contribute to the rapid completion of projects. We count on each other to reach our shared goals and considerably value the publicity, transparency and loyalty among the company, customers and the third party partners. Within the organization, we offer all the employees the necessary coordination, fair working conditions and staff skill training to help them grow up.